My name is Jana Martincova

I love high spirits, tasty food, fun and most of all organizing anything. Weddings and social events have been a passion of mine since a very young age, so I decided to combine what I love with my work.

For several years I have been involved in gastronomy as such, so I started with catering, which gradually grew into organizing and coordinating various events or weddings.

I'm a perfectionist

I always need to have everything figured out down to the last detail, otherwise I can’t sleep well.

Full support

You have my full support. Weddings are stressful, so I will calm you down, get things done and clean up at the end.

Your word is the last word

I try to make sure everything is always as the client wants it. I’m happy to fulfil even the more complicated requests.

Not only about me

This project is not only about me, but also about my partners who help me with the preparation. I couldn’t imagine my work without them. We complement each other perfectly, which helps us to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Together we can organize both family and large weddings. It always depends on your idea and your budget, according to which we will design the best solution.