Our service offer is clear and transparent. We would like to point out that we also have a vegetarian version of our offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Finger food

Served on plastic plates with a small spoon.

Mini caprese

Mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto, field greens

55 Kč
Smoked Norwegian salmon

With herb crème fraiche

67 Kč
Chicken terrine

With prosciutto and thyme onion

59 Kč
Pear chutney with gorgonzola
48 Kč
Salmon tartare

With shallot, lime and lamb’s lettuce

67 Kč
Shrimp cocktail

With avocado and vegetables

67 Kč
Salmon caviar

With a tortilla chip

67 Kč
Duck pâté

With almonds

53 Kč
Shrimps with pumpkin purée
53 Kč
Veal pâté

With cranberries and almonds

67 Kč
Chestnut purée

With chia sprouts and a meatball

53 Kč
Wakame seaweed

With pickled ginger

72 Kč

With goat cheese

60 Kč

Canapés and appetizers


With smoked Prague ham

43 Kč

With chorizo

43 Kč

With foie gras

43 Kč

With gorgonzola and grapes

43 Kč

With smoked salmon

43 Kč

With roast beef and thyme mayonnaise

43 Kč

With beetroot puree

43 Kč

With pea puree

43 Kč
Duck confit

With young pea sprouts

67 Kč
Tartelette with butter froth

With an anchovy roll, caviar

67 Kč
English roast beef

On port onions, sprouts

71 Kč
Smoked salmon

With herb crème fraiche and sprouts on a toast

67 Kč
Venison pâté

With cranberry jelly

55 Kč
Stuffed eggs

Various types

59 Kč
Ham open – faced sandwich
36 Kč
Cheese open – faced sandwich
36 Kč
2 pcs Sausages from Seletice

With bread and mustard

55 Kč

4 types

10 Kč


Consommé – strong beef broth

With julienne vegetables and liver quenelles

71 Kč
Chicken broth

With meat, vegetables and noodles

71 Kč
Asparagus cream

With almonds and croutons

79 Kč
Creamy pumpkin soup

With cream

79 Kč
Creamy pea soup

With cream

79 Kč

Main courses

100 g Beef goulash
149 Kč
150 g ‘Svíčková’ (beef in creamy sauce)

Bread dumplings, whipped cream and cranberries

192 Kč
150 g ‘Svíčková’ (beef in creamy sauce)

Carlsbad dumplings, whipped cream and cranberries

212 Kč
150 g Pork schnitzel
110 Kč
150 g Chicken schnitzel
113 Kč
150 g Roast duck

With sauerkraut, potato dumplings

266 Kč
150 g Diced pork

With spinach, potato dumplings

139 Kč
6 pcs Tiger prawns on Martini

Butter baguette

338 Kč
100 g Grilled salmon steak

With pumpkin purée and glazed vegetables

236 Kč
100 g Chicken pocket

Stuffed with ricotta/ spinach/ pumpkin

128 Kč
200 g Beef rump steak

With pink pepper and onion remoulade

566 Kč
150 g Veal ossobuco
393 Kč
150 g Veal roast

With pumpkin/ chestnut/ potato purée

418 Kč
100 g Chilli con carne

With minced meat and corn

127 Kč
150 g Pork tenderloin

With broccoli and bacon

350 Kč
150 g Pork tenderloin

With herbs

350 Kč
150 g Pork tenderloin

With porcini mushrooms

350 Kč
150 g Pork Wellington
350 Kč
100 g Roast turkey

With honey glaze

127 Kč
200 g Duck breast à l’Orange
471 Kč
200 g Duck breast on mushrooms
471 Kč
200 g Roast goose leg

With sauerkraut and speck dumplings

407 Kč
150 g Zander with herb butter

With thyme and root vegetable purée / beetroot tartare

550 Kč
200 g Roast pork knuckle in beer

With bread

242 Kč
300 g BBQ pork ribs

With bread

278 Kč
200 g Beef sirloin steak

With potato purée, strong juice

302 Kč
200 g Grilled BBQ pork neck

With roasted potato wedges

387 Kč

Side dishes

150 g Gratinated potatoes

With parmesan

56 Kč
150 g Mashed potatoes

With onions

56 Kč
150 g Rice

White, basil, parboiled, curry, basmati

67 Kč
150 g Ratatouille
82 Kč
150 g Potato pancakes
33 Kč
150 g Homemade fries
55 Kč
100 g Bakery products

Buns, bread, French bread, baguettes

24 Kč


150 g Shopska salad

With Balkan cheese

67 Kč
100 g Coleslaw
22 Kč
150 g Caprese salad

With black olives and basil pesto

67 Kč
150 g Potato salad

(no sausage)

84 Kč
150 g French salad

With beans and roasted potatoes

103 Kč
150 g Waldorf salad
88 Kč
150 g Beluga lentil salad
79 Kč
150 g Cucumber salad

With sour cream

55 Kč
150 g Italian pasta salad

With capers

71 Kč
150 g Tomato-camembert salad

With eggs

79 Kč
150 g Fruit salad
55 Kč


50 g Banquet pork schnitzels (carré)
47 Kč
50 g Banquet chicken schnitzels (breast)
47 Kč
50 g Veal steaks
65 Kč
100 g Sandwich

With avocado and eggs

86 Kč
100 g Mini burgers

With pulled meat and onion remoulade

83 Kč
100 g Bagel

With roast beef, dip and lamb’s lettuce

85 Kč
50 g Roast beef
127 Kč
50 g Beef carpaccio

With capers and rocket

85 Kč
100 g Zucchini rolls

With walnut curd

71 Kč
100 g Beetroot carpaccio

With goat cheese

71 Kč
100 g Chicken skewers

With English bacon and prunes

66 Kč
100 g Galantine – various types
103 Kč
50 g Beef tartare

With fried bread

121 Kč
50 g Salmon tartare

With toasts

151 Kč
50 g Caprese skewers
37 Kč
50 g Norwegian salmon cubes

With lemon peppercorn

86 Kč
50 g Stuffed eggs

(various types)

62 Kč
50 g Battered salmon

With honey-mustard sauce

66 Kč
50 g Baked white fish
67 Kč
50 g Roasted chicken drumstick

(Lower leg) with honey

60 Kč
50 g Baked chicken wings
60 Kč
100 g Tacos – tortillas

Dips – various types – upon agreement

47 Kč
100g Croissant

With Black Forest ham and eggs

85 Kč


1 kg Fish platter

Salty and sour fish with fermented vegetables

1197 Kč
1 kg Ham and cheese platter
1197 Kč
1.5 kg Selection of cheeses (slices)

With fruit, decorated with flowers

1197 Kč
700 g Cheese roulade
471 Kč
500 g Chicken roulade
550 Kč
1.5 kg Selection of sausages

With pickled vegetables, decorated with flowers

1197 Kč
1.5 kg Selection of Italian salami and prosciutto

With tropical fruit

1452 Kč
800 g Veal carpaccio with mozzarella and sage

With olive oil, pickled peppercorn and parmesan

1452 Kč
800 g Beef carpaccio with olive oil

Homemade pesto with lamb’s lettuce, parmesan and capers

1197 Kč
1 kg Beef tartare

With vegetables, fried bread and garlic

2240 Kč
2.5 kg Fruit platter
1173 Kč
1 kg Selection of French cheeses
1210 Kč
1 kg Blue cheese balls battered in sesame
1100 Kč
1 kg Vegetable platter
689 Kč
1kg Fruit (upon agreement)
850 Kč
1 kg Roast meatloaf
473 Kč
1 kg Meatloaf stuffed with eggs
495 Kč
1 kg Meatloaf roulade
495 Kč
1 kg English roast beef

On port onions

1815 Kč
6 – 7 kg Whole salmon
3520 Kč
1 kg Venison pâté

With cranberry jelly

1045 Kč
1 kg Confit duck breast
1815 Kč


180 g Bavette steak (flank steak)

This steak cut has a firmer texture and is grilled by fibres

272 Kč
200 g Rumpsteak

Selection of the best parts of the hindquarter, lean meat, not as tender as sirloin meat.

347 Kč
200 g Striploin steak

Low loin steak with no fat cap

349 Kč
200 g Striploin with fat cap

Low sirloin steak, which has a more pronounced flavour thanks to the fat cover

399 Kč
200 g Entrecôte steak cut from the rib eye

Very tasty and juicy steak with noticeable marbling; it has an intense and specific taste.

418 Kč
200 g Sirloin filet

The most tender meat, most popular on our menu

435 Kč
150 g Chicken breast steak
157 Kč
150 g Chicken thigh steak
115 Kč
200 g Pork tenderloin
272 Kč
200 g Pork neck
207 Kč
150 g Lean pork chop
169 Kč
100 g Marinated chicken skewers

With prunes and bacon or vegetables

61 Kč
100 g Grilled smoked ham
79 Kč
100 g Corn cobs

With flavoured butter

59 Kč
100 g Grilled ratatouille
71 Kč
100 g Baked potatoes

In foil / roasted carrots with bacon

70 Kč
100 g Baked camembert

(cheese pouch – Gran Moravia)

60 Kč
150 g Salmon steak

Marinated in herbs

225 Kč
100 g Garnished grilled bread
96 Kč
100 g Grilled pineapple
85 Kč
100 g Grilled fruit skewers
84 Kč
100 g Zucchini rösti
82 Kč
1kg Roasted almonds
1120 Kč


1 pc Roasted marinated piglet

(approx. 30-40 kg), gherkins, mustard, horseradish

240 Kč / kg
10 kg Roasted smoked ham

Gherkins, mustard, horseradish (approx. 25 portions)

5520 Kč
1 pc Pig spit

+ wood + cleaning (approx. 60 kg)

9680 Kč
1 pc Roast turkey
187 Kč / kg
5 kg Ham off the bone
3500 Kč

For vegetarians

150g Baked cannelloni

With cheese and tomatoes

150 Kč
150 g Pumpkin caponata

Grilled goat cheese, beetroot gel and roast cashews

165 Kč
150 g Portobello mushroom schnitzels

Light potato salad

139 Kč
150 g Tempeh with salad
134 Kč
150g Tagliatelle with basil pesto
145 Kč
1 pc Vegan sandwich, Vegan burger
86 Kč
150 g Szechuan tofu

Jasmine rice

142 Kč
150 g Beluga lentil curry

With chickpeas and root vegetables

155 Kč

Soft drinks

We offer you the possibility of delivering any drinks according to your wishes.

Alcoholic beverages

We offer you the possibility of delivering wines and spirits according to your wishes.


The price includes rental of a professional machine with accessories, sugar, milk, whipped cream.

1 pc Espresso
66 Kč
1 pc Cappuccino
66 Kč
1 pc Latte
66 Kč
1 pc Turkish coffee
43 Kč


0,3 l Mojito
136 Kč
0,3 l Cuba libre
136 Kč
0,3 l Hugo Spritz
136 Kč
0,3 l Aperol Spritz
136 Kč
20 l Keg of Prosecco
2500 Kč
20 l Keg of Aperol Spritz
3500 Kč
25 l Keg of Aperol Spritz
4000 Kč

Tableware rental

When ordering catering at the place of your choice, we offer you the possibility of renting tableware including tablecloths.

1 pc Coffee spoon
8 Kč
1 pc Soup spoon
10 Kč
1 pc Meat fork
10 Kč
1 pc Dessert fork
8 Kč
1 pc Meat knife
10 Kč
1 pc Soup ladle
14 Kč
1 pc Dessert plate
10 Kč
1 pc Soup plate
14 Kč
1 pc Meat plate
14 Kč
1 pc Tureen
50 Kč
1 pc Salad bowl
12 Kč
1 pc Soup bowl
12 Kč
1 pc 0.04 l shot glass
8 Kč
1 pc 0.3 l glass
10 Kč
1 pc Wine glass
10 Kč
1 pc Sparkling wine glass
8 Kč
1 pc Beer mug (0.5 l)
10 Kč
1 pc Glass jug (1 l)
50 Kč
1 pc Tablecloth
110 Kč
1pc Whisky glass
30 Kč
1 pc Table skirt
275 Kč

Wedding coordination and calculation

Wedding coordination including service calculation (the price includes 60 hours with the coordinator, inspection of wedding venues, meetings, securing suppliers, email communication, transport and 2 calculations). Work beyond 60 hours: 300 CZK / 1 hour. The final price depends on the complexity, type and size of the event. From 10 000 CZK.

Assistant coordinator (necessary for more than 50 people) – upon prior agreement. From 5,000 – 10,000 CZK.

Chef’s work

Depending on the complexity of food preparation and the number of guests, the price for the chef’s work (preparing meals from the menu) will be charged in the calculation. Price from 5,000 – 10,000 CZK.

Service 1 person

Staff hours include time spent preparing the wedding venue the day before the wedding, setting the wedding table and decorating. The day after the wedding, if arrangements are made for cleaning, garbage disposal and other things such as taking down tents or removing other items. All work task must be specified in advance.

After midnight the reward charged for waiting staff is 250 CZK / 1 hour. Please provide one hot meal and water for each member of the staff and/or suppliers (e.g. of furniture).

1 person Waiting staff at your event
200 CZK / hour
1 person Driver at your event
200 CZK / hour

Decoration and flowers from a florist

Upon prior agreement, we can arrange decoration of the venue including flower decoration. The price depends on the type and quantity of decorations and/or flowers. (The florist’s work and transport will be extra charged to the price).


Upon agreement, we can provide you with desserts from a professional pastry chef (mini desserts, ice-cream, wedding cakes including sample tasting). The price depends on the quantity and types of desserts and boxes.

Party tents and furniture

We offer you the possibility of renting tents and furniture. We cooperate with various professional rental companies.

Grill chef

Upon agreement, we can arrange for you a chef to grill your food in front of you. 300 CZK/ hour

Photographer and videographer

Upon agreement, we can arrange a professional photographer and videographer.

Make-up artist and hair stylist

We offer the services of a make-up artist and hair stylist who can come to your home or to the venue.

DJ, lighting and bouncy castle

We can also arrange you a DJ and moderator in one person, including party lighting. Our DJ has a bouncy castle for children that you can rent.

Graphic designer

Should you need announcements, invitations or any other cards for your event, we can offer you services of a graphic designer including printing of your cards.


The cost of transport to the venue and back will be charged.
10 CZK / 1 km